Our Service

The Bank provides a variety of modern and diversified services commensurate with the evolving needs of clients

Current Accounts

These are accounts in which amounts are deposited upon request.

Savings Accounts

Non-profit deposit accounts whose holder can withdraw of the deposit at any time.

Investment deposits

Are deposits for the purpose of investment absolute modaraba format.


Immediate transfers via ATM - pay all bills telecom companies - buy electricity.

SMS and e-banking

Management accounts and take advantage of some remote services.


Funding for vulnerable segments of society to raise the standard of living.

Bank's Memberships

The Banks membership in the Financial Institutions in and outside Sudan

Awards and medals

The SSDB has won the Arab Bankers Union Award as the strongest Bank in terms of Socio-Economy development in the year 2016 . It is worth mentioning that the Award was received by the Deputy General Manager of SSDB H.E. Mr. Abdul Muneim Mohamed Fadl Al-Mawla at a ceremony organized by the Arab Bankers Union in Lebanon- Beruit in may 2016. On the other side, the Secretary General of Arab Bankers Union,Mr. Wisam Hassan Fatouh said that the ranking of the SSDB has come at the top of 500 Arabs banks in this regard , indicating that the SSDB also had been awarded the Prize of strongest bank in terms of Social Welfare and Social Responsibility by the Arab Bankers Union last year 2015. It is noteworthy that Mr. Fadl Al-Mawla stated that Arab Bankers Union has its own private standards for assessing the Arab banks in this regard, disclosing that the SSDB enjoys an accumulated experience of 42 years in the social work i.e. delivering packages of banking services that target vulnerable categories such as limited income persons, women, rural women , students, small producers and the poor , thus it became an outstanding institution in the said sphere. He also stated that Sudan National Assembly ( Parliament) lauded the role played by the SSDB in delivering microfinance to the different categories in the states.

SSDB has won the Arab banking excellence and achievement award as the strongest Arabic bank in terms of contribution in the domain of social responsibility for the year 2015 . The SSDB general manager Mr. Al Zain Al-Hadu received the award at a ceremony organized by the World Union of Arab Bankers in Cairo- Egypt between the period 27-28/4/2015. Al-Hadu said, '' The World Union of Arab Bankers adopted special measures in rating the Arab banks(340 banks) being competed in the award of contribution in welfare and social responsibility among of which is the Savings & Social Development which topped them as the strongest bank in the concerned field . It is worth mentioning that the SSDB has received numerous commendations and praises from different regional and international bodies due to its robust performance in the domain of microfinance and poverty reduction . Moreover, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development said that SSDB is considered as one of the most qualified establishments in the Arab Region in providing microfinance as well as the Arab Planning Institute which praised the role being played by the SSDB in distributing social cash support to more than 350,000 families through out Sudanese different states and finally, the Central Bank of Sudan has also commended the SSDB role in creating 13 types of non-conventional guarantees that aimed at easing the process of accessing microfinance for the intended categories.

Recent Projects

Finance of Union Arabic Gum (small producers)

Medium of size of finance for the producer:SDG 500.


Finance of working Women Association

Size of finance: SGD 4.7 millions.
No. of beneficiaries: 1479


Finance of Women Portfolio

Size of finance: SGD 5,4 Millions.
No. of beneficiaries: 4402.


Alzahraa project (eggs production)

Size of finance: SDG 5,000000
Targeted : 600 households